• Due to program postponement, the physical community service opportunities posted below are currently unavailable.

    Consider a fundraiser with your group for The Common Good, and help us to bring these types of volunteer opportunity back to your community!    

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    Volunteering is known to have many benefits, ranging from strengthening community bonds and knowledge to higher employment rates, not to mention that it's good for the soul! Below a few of our volunteer opportunities are listed. These opportunities are currently on hold as we work in 2018 to focus on our financial development. Because of this, any and all fundraisers held for our organization would be greatly appreciated! If you and your group are looking for volunteer opportunities, fundraisers and donations for our work will help us to get this type of programming back on schedule!


    At The Common Good, we offer volunteer opportunities in programs such as Adopt A Block and ​The Common Good Garden. These programs and others enable both large group as well as personal service opportunities. Contact us to see what opportunities are currently available.


    Click here to fill out an interest form or call us at (419) 806-4407.


    As a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, we are able to legally validate community service to those who require it, as well as provide tax incentives to those who donate professional time.