• An Oral History Project of the U.C.F

    Gathering Stories

  • Gathering Stories

    The Common Good of the U.C.F. was established in 1946; in the past 72 years thousands of individuals have passed through our doors. Countless projects, groups, programs and events have happened during that time. We've heard so many of these experiences from elders and new students that make us laugh, inspire us, or touch our hearts. We realized that much of this rich history has been unrecorded, forgotten, and lost to the years. It is because of this that we have started the project Gathering Stories; an Oral History Project of the UCF.

    What's your story?

    So if you're an alumni of the UCF, if you spent time with our organization, we have one question for you: What's your story? Did you protest during the civil rights movement? Organize a vegan club? Attend a memorable cultural immersion trip? Play in band in the basement? Teach a class? Help guide children at a summer camp? We want to hear your experiences, your thoughts and your reflections. Help us to reclaim our rich collective history, and use our stories to reweave a picture of our beloved UCF through the ages.

    We're Listening!

    To share your experiences during your time at the The Common Good of the UCF, simply click the Interview button in the headline of this page. This will take you to an online interview form. Set aside a few minutes to think back through the years and take us on a walk down memory lane! This history will be gathered together and preserved, and shared with future generations!