• The Common Good is an interfaith campus ministry,

    focused on community engagement and social justice.

    Our Mission

  • A History of Peace and Justice

    The roots of The Common Good run deep in both the city of Bowling Green and the campus of Bowling Green State University. Established in 1946, the United Christian Fellowship was one of Ohio’s first interdenominational campus ministries. The U.C.F was involved in the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s onward, and provided a space for university students to explore the links between their spirituality and their responsibility to their community. This environment of both spiritual pursuit and community engagement was the beginning of many programs that are still around today, such as the Link, Martha’s kitchen, and Wood County Area Ministries.


    A Tradition of Spiritual Evolution

    The U.C.F’s progression into the new category of an interfaith campus ministry, now called The Common Good, occurred naturally. As a campus ministry, the practice of unconditional love has also taught us the practice of continual growth. In this way our mission has expanded to not only include an interdenominational Christianity, but a faith based center open to and consisting of all faith traditions. Though our name and mission have formally changed, the same spirit of fellowship, self-reflection, and the golden rule still guide us today.

  • Who We Are

    Service to the community brought us together to serve the Common Good

    Megan Sutherland

    Executive Director

    Megan Sutherland fell in love with The Common Good when she was still a BGSU student over 10 years ago. Engaged in social justice work and interfaith spirituality, her passion rests in, "providing spaces in which compassion and justice set the stage for learning, communication and creativity." She is most heavily involved with The Common Good Garden and the Dinner Dialogues, and is a weekly participant of the Parables of Jesus class, which currently meets at The Common Good.

    Caroline Dawson

    Director of Financial Development

    Caroline Dawson was first introduced to The Common Good 4 years ago by one of her Yoga students. Knowing that Caroline had both a passion for living from the heart, as well as creating spaces for spiritual growth & community, her student showed her the open door of The Common Good’s "experiment in living well." From that point on, Caroline has been inspired to work together with members to embrace expansive thinking, compassion and service towards the good of all beings. Caroline is involved in the Midday Meditations, and is the teacher of the Sunrise Yoga class at The Common Good.

    Richard Cullman

    Executive Board Member


    Rick Cullman has been involved with the Common Good of the U.C.F for 26 years. Starting out as a community member interested in exploring his faith and attending community events, he joined the Board of Directors in 1993. Throughout the years, he has continued to find that engaging in community service to those in need and finding fellowship among difference, are important parts of his non-denominational Christian faith.

    Phil Dickinson

    Executive Board Member, President

    Phil Dickinson works at Bowling Green State University and has been a part of the Common Good for over 10 years. To him, "The Common Good is an important space for people in Bowling Green to cultivate an awakening mind—outwardly, in terms of compassion and social justice work, and inwardly, in terms of contemplation, wisdom and mindfulness." Phil is the President of the Board of Trustees and is a practicing Zen Buddhist. He is also a part of the Empty Clouds Zen Sitting Group, a group which meets weekly at The Common Good.


    Justin McCulloch

    Executive Board Member, Secretary



    Krista McCulloch

    Executive Board Member, Vice President